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ヨットスクール 江の島
ヨットスクール 江の島
ヨットスクール 江の島
ヨットスクール 江の島
ヨットスクール 江の島

​Yacht class for parents and children   Canceled this year due to the corona epidemic


Enoshima Yacht Club Junior's annual "Yacht School for Parents and Children" will be held for two days on August 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun).

This school is run by members of the Enoshima Yacht Club Junior, with the aim of allowing parents and children to experience the splendor of yachting. Why don't you try it with your family during the summer vacation in the sea of Enoshima, where the Olympics were held last year? This is a great chance to experience the fun of yachting by actually operating a yacht and feeling the wind on the sea.

We look forward to your participation.

Schedule August 6th (Sat) 10:00-16:00

Orientation, land class, sea yacht experience

7th (Sun) 10:00-17:00

Sea yacht experience, completion ceremony

Target Parent and child from first grade elementary school to high school student 1 group (15 pairs up to 30 people)

Cost 2 days Parent-child pair (1 pair) 10,000 yen

Including textbook fee. Lunch fee is not included.

Application deadline Until Monday, July 25

Application method Application form

ヨットスクール 江の島
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