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About visit

Tours are every Sunday, except on the host race day.

For more informationPlease contact us at the number below.

About entry

Applications will be accepted from autumn in 2024 (60th term). ​

■ Eligibility

You must meet the following four conditions to become a member.

① Male and female school children who are in the second grade of elementary school or above in April 2023, and those who are enrolled in junior high school or high school.

(2) Be in good health and able to withstand the sea training prescribed by the club.

③ Applicants must have the approval of their parents or guardians.

④ Applicants must be recommended by Enoshima Yacht Club members or parents of Enoshima Yacht Club Juniors. (Please contact us for more information)


■ Eligibility

Elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students

■ Information session and interview

Club briefing sessions and parent-child interviews will be held on Sundays (we will contact you to arrange schedules) at the Enoshima Yacht Club.

Applicants and their guardians must attend. If it is not convenient for you on the day, please contact us in advance.

■ Others

  1. Please attach two photographs (length 4cm x width 3cm) and a medical certificate from a doctor to the membership application form.

  2. Be sure to prepare a life jacket by yourself when you decide to join. Please inquire about purchasing.

  3. Parents are kindly requested to actively cooperate in running the club activities.

  4. We recommend that you watch practice (every Sunday) in advance.

  5. For those who are considering joining the club, we will hold a sea tour (reservation required). Please contact us by email.

■ Cost

Admission fee 40,000 yen Membership fee for half a year 33,000 yen to 48,000 yen (depending on boat type)​

Player insurance included. Guardian premiums are separate. ​

To parents.
What you need to know

■ Safety
Yachting is often considered a dangerous water sport. However, if handled properly, it is not particularly dangerous.
At sea, we always wear life jackets, always leave rescue boats, give guidance, and pay attention to safety.
Optimist class has been popular in Japan for nearly 60 years, but it is a safe sport that has not caused a single fatal accident.

​■ Activities of guardians
Our club is a club with a common hobby of sailing. Club members are actively working towards their own goals.

All aspects of boat maintenance, weekly practice at sea, and participating in races are all related to safety, so extreme caution is required, and each club member needs to be supported by an adult. Therefore, in our club, parents support their children, and experienced parents provide professional guidance as coaches. (One parent per child is required to participate)

Parents may find it difficult, but I believe that devoting oneself to one thing with their child will help maintain a healthier parent-child relationship.

Let's enjoy sailing together with ​ parent and child. ​



Institute Enoshima Yacht Club


Enoshima Yacht Club Junior


1-12-2 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Sail optimist



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