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​ Enoshima Yacht Club Junior

Enoshima Yacht Club Junior

After the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, EYC (Enoshima Yacht Club) established "Enoshima Yacht Club Junior" for the first time in Japan in 1965 as a junior yacht training department from the viewpoint of training from the junior generation following the advanced yachting countries of Europe and the United States. was founded.Since then, we have continued to nurture the next generation for more than half a century.


Enoshima Yacht Club Junior has a total of about 50 men and women from 8 years old (second grade elementary school) to 19 years old (third grade high school) from optimist class (OP class) to laser class and 420 class (as of April 2022). ) has been working on yachts with the aim of developing a person with a sense of independence and a spirit of comradeship.

So far, we have trained more than 600 sailors, producing over 20 OP-class All-Japan Champions and 3 Olympic athletes.


Sailing is a great sport that you can enjoy for the rest of your life and make new friends through sailing.

Many alumni of the Enoshima Yacht Club Junior have realized how much life has been enriched by sailing and the sea, and by being blessed with friends since they were young.


If you are interested in joining the club, please come and visit us.

We hold a club day (viewing party) every Sunday.


Foster dreams, hopes and independence (autonomy)

Drawing big dreams for the future from the world learned through sailing, full of shining hopes,Develop the ability to realize it with your own hands while facing yourself strictly.Children who grow up in this club will become supporters and leaders in the future.To come back to the club again as a parent.

To be a club that has been passed down from generation to generation, and that members are proud of it.This is the true value of ​ Enoshima Yacht Club,It is the starting point of the philosophy of creating a club that is socially recognized.


​The philosophy of club founder Yoshitaro Ozawa

Kichitaro Ozawa, the founder of the club,I cherish three words.

1. Service – Help each other

Do what you need to do for others with sincerity, help and cooperate with each other as you set sail, and correctly pass on what your seniors have taught you to your juniors.

2. Plan – Reflect

Safe yacht skills such as carefully researching and predicting the weather, being able to outfit and maintain the boat by yourself, planning training content according to the number of people and the situation, going out to sea at your own risk, and returning from the sea at your own risk. In order to acquire, always reflect.


3. Obedience - Negotiate

Listen to the captain. Teamwork and leadership are of utmost importance to sail safely and correctly. If you have any doubts, ask questions, cooperate and discuss.

Following the guidance of those who have made great efforts to develop the club since its founding, the club will continue to work on nurturing the children who will lead the future.

It is my sincere hope that children will grow up feeling seamanship through sailing life that enriches their lives, not just winning or losing.

We will also work to nurture rich personalities so that the children who have spent their time here can convey the wonders of sailing and the sea to many people around the world.

Enoshima Yacht Club


History of Enoshima Yacht Club Junior



The year after the Tokyo Olympics, for the first time in Japan in Enoshimaof ​Junior Yacht Club established

July 18, 1965

Enoshima Yacht Club Junior Opening Ceremony

January 4, 1966

OP from the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Denmark*6 shipsbutDonated to the Enoshima Yacht Club,OP.was launched.

​ It was the day when OP ran for the first time in Japan.

​ *Optimist class yacht.

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